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Words of Wisdom Imparted by MDRS Experts!

Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services is now featuring articles and interviews by members of our Panel of Neutrals, “Words of Wisdom.”

Here’s a brief excerpt from our most recent article, A Trial Lawyer’s Experience as a Mediator: A Few Brief Lessons, written by MDRS Neutral Thomas W. Porter:

On the first day of practice as a trial lawyer, my boss told me about the different cross-examination styles of the partners.  He spoke of one, a very devout Catholic, as a pugilist.  He would just come out swinging.  The witnesses would see the blows coming, but there was nothing they could do.  He would leave them a bloody pulp.  Another partner was a Quaker and a very kind man.  His style was different.  He used a stiletto.  Often the witnesses would not see it coming and sometimes they wouldn’t even feel it going between the ribs, but the result was the same, a pool of blood underneath the chair.

MDRS is pleased to highlight our diverse team of Neutrals, their various backgrounds and experiences, in order to better serve the Alternative Dispute Resolution community.

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