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As an ‘early adopter’ of Dispute Resolution, also known as ‘DR‘, Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services (MDRS) is among the first exclusive DR providers on the East Coast.  We have resolved thousands upon thousands of cases for our clients who range from private individuals, to attorneys, businesses, and the insurance industry.

MDRS offers a full range of out-of-court mediation and arbitration services.  We assist parties in resolving an incredibly wide variety of disputes – from simple automobile and personal injury matters to complex commercial cases – bypassing the tremendous amounts of time, considerable expense, and uncertainty of litigation and trial in the court system.

Our professional panel of skilled neutrals includes nearly forty experienced attorneys and retired judges in an easily searchable format so that you can review and consider the most appropriate neutrals for your case.

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The ways that insurers, businesses, individuals, and even the government immediately work to resolve their disputes is called Dispute Resolution, or, DR.  Previously known as ADR (alternative dispute resolution), DR has come a long way in recent years, and now offers more modalities than most people realize.  The essence of DR is an easy-to-understand equation:  the quicker a dispute is resolved, the less time and money it costs.

At MDRS our mediation and arbitration services take less time and cost much less than is required to reach trial in the court system.  Most cases are successfully completed within 30 days or sooner.

MDRS offers parties a select panel of neutrals comprised of professionally-focused mediators and arbitrators who are experienced attorneys and/or retired judges.  We provide a wide spectrum of DR processes designed to meet the parties’ interests in solving disputes equitably, economically, and promptly.  In fact, many DR methods are tailored to your individual case in consideration of the preferences, personalities, relationships, and complexities of the matter.

Virtually any dispute can be submitted to Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services due to the extensive range of expertise of those on our panel of neutrals.  Some areas of concentration include (but are not limited to) cases involving personal injury, general liability, negligence, premises accidents, medical and legal malpractice, a full range of insurance claims including casualty, automobile accidents and UM coverage, construction, property claims, environmental claims, consumer claims, small and large business disputes, employment and discrimination claims, banking, real estate and condominium disputes, and family, elderly/nursing home, and divorce matters.

Perhaps the most wondrous realization of so many of our clients has been in learning that there is nary a dispute we cannot in some way assist with.  We work with you to change the narrative.  Unsolved to Resolved – It only gets better from here!