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Creating Access and Opportunity in Dispute Resolution, a FREE Conflict Resolution Day Celebratory Event!

All people have a unique perspective of the world.  Many factors, including nationality, gender, culture, race, age, and more, influence the way people perceive the world.  Through understanding other people and their backgrounds, communication can be enhanced. Unfortunately, lack of diversity continues to be a challenge in Dispute Resolution [DR].  Diversity is important because it promotes inclusion, acceptance, creativity, and enhanced problem solving.  Flexible DR methods allows parties to further diversity that are not available in litigation, because parties have the opportunity to select diverse decision-makers who serve as neutrals. 

Co-sponsored by the Dispute Resolution Section and the Mass Bar Association’s DEI Committee, Creating Access and Opportunity in Dispute Resolution, a virtual event, will occur next week on Thursday, 10/20 from 4:30-6pm.  During this FREE event, a panel discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the DR field will be moderated by Hon. Julie Bernard.  The experienced panelists will share how they have overcome barriers to become DR professionals; challenges, and successes they have encountered; and guidance to other members of the resolution community as to how diversity improved.

During this event we will also recognize Conflict Resolution Week by hearing Governor Charlie Baker’s Proclamation, along with honoring the memory and legacy of Frank Sander, a luminary in the field, by presenting The MBA Professor Frank E.A. Sander Award in Dispute Resolution to Attorney John A. Fiske.

This Zoom webinar will be held Thursday, 10/20 from 4:30-6pm [Hurry! Registration is required by 9:30 am on Wednesday, 10/19!] 

This FREE event is open to lawyers, neutrals and other DR professionals, members of the MBA, law students, as well as others interested in attending. 

 [link to event registration]