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Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services (MDRS) provides a full range of out-of-court mediation and arbitration services to private individuals, attorneys, business, labor and the insurance community.

Founded in 1991, MDRS is one of the first ADR providers in Massachusetts.  To date we have resolved more than ten thousand cases for our clients.

Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services provides mediation and arbitration services to parties who seek equitable settlement of their disputes without the time, expense and frustration which often accompany the more formal trial court system.

This approach to resolving disputes is known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

At MDRS, our mediation and arbitration services take less time and cost much less than is required to reach trial in the court system. Most cases are successfully completed within 30 days or sooner.

Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services offers parties a select panel of neutrals comprised of professional mediators and arbitrators who are experienced attorneys or retired judges. We provide a wide spectrum of dispute resolution processes designed to meet the parties’ interests in solving disputes equitably, economically and skillfully.

While virtually any dispute can be submitted to Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services, our areas of concentration include, but are not limited to, cases involving:

  • personal injury
  • general liability
  • negligence
  • premises accidents
  • medical and legal malpractice
  • a full range of insurance claims including casualty
  • automobile accidents and UM coverage
  • construction
  • property claims
  • environmental claims
  • consumer claims
  • small and large business disputes
  • employment and discrimination claims
  • banking, real estate and condominium disputes
  • family and divorce matters.

If you have any questions about Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services, please contact our case administrator, Sheri Stevens, at caseadmin@mdrs.com.

You can also reach MDRS founder, Attorney Brian R. Jerome, at bjerome@mdrs.com.