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Mediation Settlement Day

Mediation Settlement Day was held in New York State on Thursday, October 18, 2012.

Mediation Settlement Day is an annual event organized by a coalition of over 100 organizations with the purpose of creating awareness about the benefits of mediation as well as the resources available to those who need it.

On Mediation Settlement Day, organizations conducted a variety of special programs which were made to promote mediation. These programs also helped educate attorneys and potential parties about what the mediation process entails. The goal of Mediation Settlement Day was to encourage disputing parties to try mediation.

The message that Mediation Settlement Day hoped to impart was that mediation is an efficient way to resolve differences. Parties were able to learn about how valuable and effective mediation can be.

Attendees included anyone interested in becoming a mediator or learning more about mediation as a way to resolve disputes. This included individuals, attorneys, mediators, and corporate and law firm representatives. Participants were mostly from the Greater New York City area, but there were participants from across the country. The event offered panel discussions, presentations, an open house, and more.

Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services (MDRS) also holds Mediation Settlement Days for insurers and large companies who are able to schedule up-to-hourly mediation sessions throughout a full day in their offices.  These days are very cost effective for both the insurer as well as for the plaintiff.  Please contact MDRS at (800) 536-5520 to learn more about how our Settlement Days could work for you.