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Mediation and Arbitration Video Conferencing

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We’re committed to staying one step ahead of COVID-19 restrictions.



Though our ‘new normal’ is rapidly evolving, we’ve been working hard to remain your choice as The Dispute Resolution Resource.

You can mediate, arbitrate, and settle your cases using online video conferencing.

Together, we can keep reaching resolution. MDRS has state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities both within our offices as well as virtually (through your computer, tablet, or mobile device). We utilize Zoom, the awardwinning app that provides the resources businesses need to most effectively navigate Dispute Resolution through the coronavirus pandemic.

We can easily schedule your Mediation or Arbitration with some or even all of the needed
participants joining virtually and in a manner similar to how you would participate in a faceto-face session.

Zoom allows us to provide both joint sessions and private caucusing capabilities
seamlessly, and together with MDRS trained staff and neutrals, will help your business
maintain operations through this crisis and beyond.


  • Easy connection and ease of use
  • Stress-free 1:1 practice sessions as needed with our trained staff
  • Join in from any location and on any device, whether a desktop computer, a laptop
    or even your cell phone, all while maintaining employee safety. If needed, even an
    inexpensive clip-on camera attached by USB to your PC or laptop will get you up,
    running, and visually connected.
  • Built-in collaboration tools such as private chat, screen sharing, white-boarding,
    [shared or private] document viewing
  • Ultra HD video and audio
  • Scheduling available NOW!

Click here to Download the free Zoom client

Schedule your video conference now or let us answer any questions you may have by
emailing caseadmin@mdrs.com or calling (800) 536-5520.

We are committed to providing the resources needed to help your business stay strong.