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1) WHAT’S NEW? Our website!

We’re very excited to have taken our website to new heights, providing visitors with…

We’re very excited to have taken our website to new heights, providing visitors with…

  • an improved neutral search;
  • easier case submission;
  • a streamlined experience;
  • and all of the reliable information you’ve come to expect from MDRS.

Check it out at www.MDRS.com
We hope you like it as much as we do!

2) We’re CELEBRATING, thanks to YOU…

You’ve again voted MDRS as your #1 Dispute Resolution Provider in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s 2020 Reader Rankings Awards!

We are humbled, grateful, and even more dedicated to providing you with the excellence in service you’ve come to expect from industry leaders. OUR SINCERE THANKS goes to each of you for your support, your confidence, and your business. YOU make us what we are; MDRS will never let you down!

#1 Dispute Resolution Provider
2019 and 2020


3) Virtual v. In-Person Sessions: we’re here for you…either way.

Is your claims rep grounded from travel due to COVID-19? Are all attendees committed to a “virtual-or-not-happening” session? Perhaps the plaintiff is unable to navigate online technology…

No matter your situation, we’ve got you covered. Whether partially- or completely- online, or in-person when unavoidable, MDRS can provide you with the type of session your case requires.

MDRS provides free training (as much or as little as is needed) to all virtual attendees. This means that you don’t need to worry about technical preparation…our staff supports you AND your clients throughout the process.

Want to learn more about virtual sessions?

Click here for DR Videoconferencing: Fitting the Forum to Covid-19

Click here for Mediation and Arbitration Videoconferencing

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