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Transformative Resolve: ADR for your health

Holding a grudge and feeling resentment toward someone who injures you is a natural feeling for most individuals, but it can lead to problems, especially during alternative dispute resolution.  Most people who hold a grudge do so until they receive an apology or compensation for what ails them, but this attitude can be very counterproductive during dispute resolution.

Mediation has tremendous power to bring multiple parties toward an amicable compromise, but it cannot force parties to rid themselves of previous resentments. There are ways, however, to encourage parties involved in a mediation case to let go of their preconceptions and anger. Resolution will occur more quickly and lead to a potentially more agreeable solution if it’s based on mutual understanding. The mediator in any case, whether divorce, business, or personal, will help level the playing field, so the parties involved are compensated and able to resolve not only the dispute, but their feelings about it.