Join us at the BBA Brown Bag Seminar on ADR

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, November 14, 2013 for a Boston Bar Association-sponsored seminar on ADR in Premises Liability Cases.  You may know that MDRS has handled into the thousands of these types of cases.  During this lunch-hour seminar at the BBA [16 Beacon Street, Boston], you will learn about what makes premises liability cases well-suited to mediation, when you should bring this kind of case to mediation, how to reach the best mediation outcome for your client, strategies to increase session productivity, complicating factors, preparation hints and more.  Please contact William McClare Dunham, the co-chair of the BBA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee at

MDRS Spotlight on Premises Liability

According to a recent statistic, the National Safety Council reported that slip and fall accidents account for 1 million visits to the ER per year.  And these account for only a fraction of premises liability cases, which can occur from any injury suffered on property belonging to or maintained by another person or party.  Premises liability cases can be complex and unique, with many factors that can impact an individual case.  After all, where premises liability is concerned, it can be difficult to prove whether the fault is on the injured party or the owner of the property where the injury has occurred. Those involved in these unfortunate accidents deserve fair resolution.

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to settle these types of cases can often be the best choice for both parties. Rather than waiting years to resolve their case, both parties will be able to come to an agreeable settlement without leaving the decision in the hands of the court system.

What makes ADR the best choice for resolving these cases? Control is in the hands of those involved and a settlement can be reached that is fair and acceptable to both parties.  In addition, a case can be handled quickly, at the pace determined by those involved, without sacrificing valuable time and money, which is often a consequence of cases brought to trial.

At MDRS, we have knowledgeable and skilled mediators who have a multitude of experience handling premises liability cases.  Whether it be a building maintenance issue, a construction site incident, the use of defective tools or equipment, an animal attack or a workers’ compensation claim, our mediators have seen and handled it all, including the resolution of thousands of slip and fall cases.  Now, more than ever, ADR is the answer.  See our Areas of SpecialtyPremises Liability page for more information on how we can help resolve your case.