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Mediation Didn’t Spoil the Twinkies


Unless you stocked up in November or have been trolling the snack food selection on eBay, it has been quite some time since you last bit into a Twinkie.  But lucky for junk food aficionados, that spongy yellow delicacy may be back in time for summer.

Last November, Hostess, the original manufacturer of the treat, announced that mediation with its bakers’ union had failed and the company would make like Twinkie cream filling and liquidate.

After a week-long strike by the bakers, Hostess had no choice but to seek approval to liquidate the 82-year-old company.  Instead of immediately consenting, Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain suggested private mediation with lenders and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union as a last-ditch effort to avoid liquidation.  Drain, urging for mediation, advised against a public hearing which would be lengthy and expensive.  Drain said, “My desire to do this is prompted primarily by the potential loss of over 18,000 jobs as well as my belief that there is a possibility to resolve this matter.”

Regrettably, it was reported shortly after that mediation had failed and the company would liquidate.  Mediation was surely the best solution to the problem, but unfortunately the animosity between the two sides made mediation difficult.

This week it was announced that Hostess is moving forward with selling its Twinkies and the tasty snack could be back in time for Summer BBQs.