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Focus on Elderly and Nursing Home Abuse Cases

One of the most common types of cases or disputes that we help to resolve are cases involving elderly nursing home abuse or neglect. One of the challenges involved in these cases is that often times if there is an abuse or mistreatment, the injured parties often suffer from a loss of trust.  It is difficult to then move beyond the mistrust into an environment of healing and settlement, which is why these cases lead to litigation.

At MDRS, we understand the difficulties in these cases and how to resolve them fairly and cost-effectively.  Along with our panel members, MDRS takes a careful and impartial approach and examines the facts of the case, helping you achieve better alternatives to resolving the cases at trial.

In a series of upcoming posts we will look at some of the common issues of neglect and abuse that occur in nursing homes, how they can be avoided, and provide some resources to help families struggling with these challenges, as well as discuss our approach to resolving these types of cases utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods with MDRS.