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Is Online Dispute Resolution Right For You?

Alternative Dispute Resolution has always been “ahead of the times.” Over the years we have seen it grow in popularity as people spread the word: it’s the less stress, less expense alternative to litigation.

As one of the first ADR firms in Massachusetts, MDRS has had the pleasure of observing and participating in the transformation of the way consumers, businesses, insurers and attorneys resolve their disputes. Mediation and arbitration have become a better alternative than the time, expense, inconvenience, frustration and uncertainty of litigation and trial in the court system. MDRS has always been about service and meeting the needs of all involved in the ADR process, making the process streamlined, efficient and more convenient for the disputants.

More and more individuals and business are using the computer and the internet to conduct their activities, such as shopping, banking, communicating by email, and becoming more familiar with the benefits of using Skype and other developing videoconferencing tools. Most computers now come with web cameras that are easy to use. One of the latest developments in ADR is referred to as ODR (Online Dispute Resolution). Using ODR can serve to supplement the traditional face to face mediation and arbitration processes and some commentators believe that in the future using ODR may, in some cases, supplant the need for face to face ADR sessions. It can be a cost-effective way to resolve disputes, requiring little to no traveling expense.

MDRS wants to evaluate what you think about online dispute resolution. Is it the next step in keeping us as progressive as we’ve always been? Would availability of video conferences make clients’ ADR processes easier or more challenging? Is a physical separation between parties an advantage or a disadvantage of cyber meetings? Will insurance companies, couples seeking divorce, and the legal community perceive the benefits of ODR, or will they miss the personal dynamic of meeting with a neutral face-to-face?

Whether you’re inclined to meet in person or in an online ADR space, Now More Than Ever, ADR is the Answer. Please click on the following link to complete the MDRS Online Dispute Resolution Survey to lead us toward the best solution for you.