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Dissolving Business Partnerships with Mediation

When you are involved in a business partnership, it can be daunting to think about severing that critical relationship, however, there are uncounted issues that can lead to the necessary dissolution of a business partnership. Whether it’s simply one party’s loss of interest in the business, a desire to retire, a lack of commitment that could be hindering the success of the business, or issues much more complicated and worrisome, sometimes it is essential for business partnerships to come to an end.

Navigating such a disbanding is almost always a stressful endeavor.  The process of business dissolution can be long, complicated, and expensive.  Choosing mediation positions the parties to reach fair and effective resolution together.  Your business is most likely your livelihood, and nobody wants to be involved in lengthy legal proceedings.  Instead, mediation serves to protect your business and its reputation, as well as your business relationships.  It is a very effective tool in resolving even the most contentious business conflicts.

Severing a business partnership can be hard.  With MDRS, a skilled mediator assists the parties in reaching resolution and maintaining control of the ultimate agreement.  Unlike costly litigation, mediation is inexpensive and takes into consideration everyone’s goals and issues.  And unlike going to court where settlement terms are forced upon you, in mediation the parties agree to the terms of settlement and maintain control of their case.

If you are thinking about dissolving a business partnership, MDRS can help. Our experienced mediators can guide you toward a settlement that is agreeable to all involved, taking care that your business is handled in a way you approve of.  Call MDRS at (800) 536-5520.  Now, more than ever, ADR is the Answer.