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TOP 7 REASONS DR is better online

It’s a conversation that hasn’t subsided: Are online mediations better than in-person sessions? Well, ask a dozen people and get a dozen answers! What we can share are these TOP 7 REASONS DR is better online.

7. Zoom was ready and proven: Multiple online platforms existed pre-pandemic – and we’d already explored their functionality. There was, literally, no “time to market”. They were ready – and so were we!

6. The Time and Expense of travel is ELIMINATED: As in zip, zilch, zero. Have you ever before been able to cross a line item off your budget and NOT worry about the impact? Exactly.

5. Improved Settlement Rates are REAL: It’s amazing how anxieties (many unrecognized) related to commuting traffic, parking, and even entering a neutral office have disappeared – leaving session participants with an unblemished start to their day, and therefore, in an improved position to communicate.

4. Ready…Set…GO! Things tend to happen faster in online sessions. Interestingly, there is something about being on camera that creates an unusual and helpful level of focus more quickly.

3. Smile…YOU’re on Camera: There’s a certain intimacy during online meetings which makes you feel very close to other participants as you so clearly see each person’s face and are able to take in their body language and mannerisms. And this all happens without the stressors of physical proximity which some folks don’t prefer!

2. Efficiency “Between Rooms”: In-person, how you spend potential downtime (such as when your neutral is with the other party) is limited. Online, participating from home or your own office allows participants ready access to files and staff, and at times, even offers the opportunity to multi-task.

1.Not enough settlement authority “in” the room? No problem! It’s easy to invite or include additional participants during any point of the online session. The ability to have a supervisor or above immerse immediately into a mediation to participate is, literally, the tipping point as far as we’re concerned. Online Dispute Resolution is here to stay!

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