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Massachusetts Caregiver Homes

For many families, caring for a family member who is disabled or elderly can be a financial and emotional burden. Often it could seem that placing a disabled family member in a nursing home is the easiest route to take. However, in Massachusetts there is an alternative solution.

Founded in 2005, a program of MassHealth called Caregiver Homes allows for a disabled or elderly person to remain in their home and with their loved ones while taking some of the strain off of their caregivers both emotionally and financially.

The program provides money and resources to those families of elderly or disabled individuals, allowing that person to live in their own home rather than a nursing home. The program makes it possible for a family member or friend to become the primary in-home caregiver and get paid a stipend of up to $18,000.

Ultimately the disabled or elderly individual is more comfortable since they do not have to adjust to a new living situation. The state saves money, and the quality of life is often improved for everyone involved.

For more information on Caregiver Homes, please visit http://www.seniorlink.com/