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Welcome to an expansive world of problem-solving!  View or download our DR User’s Guide by clicking on the picture above to learn more about the methods used to most effectively resolve disputes.  Written in plain english, the Guide is of tremendous assistance in explaining multiple modalities of Dispute Resolution, and helps readers prepare for session.

What is DR?

DR is an alternative to the lengthy and costly pre-trial discovery required in the court system and to the uncertainty and frustration of trial.  Sometimes referred to as “appropriate dispute resolution”, the principal advantage of DR is its inherent flexibility, giving the parties, their attorneys and/or claims handlers the ability to tailor the DR process to the circumstances of the case as well as to the needs and preferences of the disputing parties.  The goals of DR are to increase efficiency of process with more productive, non-adversarial methods to achieve case resolution.

In Massachusetts, the impact of DR began to be felt in the legal and insurance communities in the late 1980’s.  DR services are now available to parties from a wide variety of sources, including private DR providers such as Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services (MDRS) as well as some court-connected programs.  Whereas our firm is available immediately to parties when a dispute arises, court-connected programs are generally available only after suit is initiated and certain pretrial discovery has been completed.

The spectrum of DR processes range widely from planned early dispute resolution to more formal, binding arbitration which resembles a trial.  Unfortunately, much of the well known terminology of DR, such as mediation and arbitration, are often used interchangeably, even by attorneys and claims personnel, who may not be fully familiar with DR modalities. 

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