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Client Testimonials

“I was a skeptic going into it, but Brian’s work reminded me why mediation is always worth a try.  He managed to reason with a party that I simply hadn’t been able to productively communicate with.  My client was comfortable speaking with him, and we both trusted in his neutrality.  I’m sure the insurer felt the same way, which was a big reason the mediation was successful.  My client and I are both very grateful.  I’m sure we’ll meet again for another mediation, and I look forward to it.”

-Drew W. Hoyt, Esq.


“As someone who has mediated hundreds of cases over the past 25 years, I can honestly state, without any hesitation, that Brian Jerome is among the best of the best.  Brian provides both sides of every dispute with a comfortable and unpressured environment within which to resolve their disputes.  He has a wonderful mediation style that has been successful in resolving a wide range of complex cases submitted by our firm over the past 20 years.”

-Eric J. Parker, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney


“I am a civil litigator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and have practiced law for over 18 years.  During that time I have utilized Attorney Brian Jerome’s services as both an arbitrator and mediator and, in my opinion, Brian is one of the very best attorneys engaged in [alternative] dispute resolution.  Brian is smart, professional, and dedicated.  I greatly endorse him as a legal professional.”

-Mark T. Rumson, Esq.


“Brian is very competent, pleasant and attentive to the claim and the parties that appear before him.  The cases always seem to settle with very favorable results.”

-Peter J. Carrozza, Esq.


“Brian Jerome is an excellent mediator and arbitrator who strives to settle difficult cases and treats all parties fairly and professionally.”

-Stephen M. Salon, Esq., Litigation Attorney


“I have known Brian for 30+ years, initially meeting him when we were young aspiring trial lawyers.  I have since, over the past 15 years, employed Brian’s skills as a mediator.  He is excellent in that capacity and has a well-deserved reputation for honesty, skill, and effectiveness.  Simply stated, he is at the top of the pyramid for mediators and should be rated as such.”

-Dennis J. Philips, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney


“Brian is an extremely effective arbitrator and mediator.  He gets right to the root of the issues to solve them in a timely matter.”

-Michael J. Smith, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney


“I have known Brian Jerome for more than a decade.  He has arbitrated and mediated dozens of my cases with great success and excellent results.  I highly recommend Brian Jerome to any lawyer requiring the skills and talents of a highly professional arbitrator/mediator.”

-Gregory J. Smith, Esq.


“My colleagues and I have engaged Brian’s mediation services on several occasions and his participation and hard work in those matters made all the difference in bringing about a resolution.”

-Scott A. Spencer, Esq.


“Wonderful to work with, very fair, definite expert in his field.  Attorney Jerome was the arbitrator for my recent case.  I was nervous about the hearing, but he put me at ease immediately – what a nice person!  During the arbitration, he was an attentive listener and very precise with his questioning and gave me the confidence to tell my story.  Both lawyers seemed to enjoy working with him, and the award he gave on my case was fair to everyone.  I would recommend Brian Jerome to anyone seeking a great arbitrator.”

-Anonymous Arbitration Client


“I must say, Brian made quite a positive impression on our clients.  I, on the other hand, was not at all surprised.  As usual, his professionalism and calming demeanor was of great assistance in guiding the parties toward resolution acceptable to all concerned.  I hope to have opportunities to work with Brian many times in the future!”

-Anonymous Counsel


“Best Mediator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Brian Jerome is the first attorney who comes to mind for me when choosing a mediator.  He has settled every case that he has mediated for me.  He has a excellent demeanor and [my] clients always feel comfortable with him.  He works hard to get the case settled.”

-Anonymous Mediation Client