MBA CLE Mediation Program

The Massachusetts Bar Association CLE Program, Shuttle Diplomacy: Winning Your Mediation During the Private Sessions, is “designed for both plaintiff and defense lawyers who regularly mediate or for those just getting into the game.” I am pleased to be a part of an experienced faculty team whose goal it is to help the continuing of legal education in the following areas:

Winning in private sessions;
Avoiding common pitfalls;
Using bracketing to your advantage;
Deciding how much information to give each party.

I’m looking forward to our webcast Tuesday, September 27, 2011, from 4pm-6pm at the Massachusetts Bar Association headquarters at 20 West Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111.

For additional information, please see the MBA website here, or contact me at

Bette J. Roth Offers Sound Advice to the Legal Community

Bette J. Roth, a mediator and arbitrator who also teaches mediation at Boston University School of Law, is a member of the MDRS Panel of Neutrals. Ms. Roth’s “10 tips for effective – and ethical – negotiation” was recently featured in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. As business counsel and mediator, Ms. Roth emphasizes the importance of preserving clients’ integrity throughout the dispute resolution process, considering whether factors in the case will lead to ethically sound decision-making, open-mindedness and optimism.

Ms. Roth also reminds counsel that a particular deal associated with the outcome of a case should reflect the client, not the lawyer. Alternative Dispute Resolution through arbitration, mediation, and other processes, often removes ego from a case because the counsel is involved closely with multiple parties and has the benefit of acting truly objectively, or neutrally.

ADR is a fantastic process that facilitates the kind of negotiation Ms. Roth encourages; the kind that leads to interest- and integrity-based “win-win” solutions.


“Talking About the Law” with MDRS Founder Brian Jerome

It was a pleasure speaking with Bob Flynn yesterday on his excellent radio show, “Talking About the Law.”

If you didn’t catch it or want to pass it on, please click here for the audio.

Thanks again to Bob Flynn, and the crew at WCRN 830 AM!

-Brian Jerome

Brian Jerome on The Radio {rescheduled}

Today’s radio show has been rescheduled for August 18, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. Look for more information about Brian Jerome’s appearance on WCRN on this blog in the coming weeks.

“Talking about the Law”
WCRN AM Radio 830
Sponsored by Flynn Law Firm, PC

Brian Jerome of Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services in Boston, MA will be a guest on “Talking about the Law” discussing “ADR: Closing a case by trial, mediation or arbitration” on Thursday, June 30th at 1:00pm on WCRN 830 AM Radio. It may also be heard via the web at as a live stream.  You may participate in the show by calling 508-438-0965 or by emailing, during, after or before the show.

ADR: Business Disputes Benefit from Mediation and Arbitration

ADR is often utilized in business disputes because it offers more than a cold-hard decision. Alternative Dispute Resolution services shine in the business industry because, more often than not, the underlying cause of a dispute is rooted in economic issues, not necessarily legal issues.

ADR has been integrated into business disputes in various forms, including formal settlement conferences, mediation, and arbitration. Formal settlement conferences, when presided over by a lawyer, give the parties a valuable and neutral case evaluation. Sometimes formal settlement conferences aren’t always long enough for parties in a business dispute to come to a resolution, and a mediation or arbitration is necessary.

Mediation and arbitration are important assets in business disputes because they can be broken into sessions in which information that wasn’t available at the start may become known as it progresses.

The full article can be viewed here.