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Panel of Neutrals

Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services offers parties a select panel of professional mediators and arbitrators who are experienced attorneys or retired judges. Our neutrals have substantive knowledge of the area of law involved in your case, experience in deciding an arbitration matter based upon the evidence and the law, and the mediation skills to assist the parties in reaching a resolution of even the most difficult disputes.

Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

Hon. Patricia E. Bernstein (ret.)
Boston and Salem, Massachusetts

Robert L. Burke, Esq.
Lowell, Massachusetts

Richard T. Corbett, Esq.
Boston, Massachusetts

C. Michele Dorsey, Esq.
Scituate, Massachusetts

Charles W. Goddard, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

Karen Thome Guthrie, Esq.
Andover, Massachusetts

Brian P. Harris, Esq.
Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Paul Kelley, Esq.
Beverly, Massachusetts

Jeffrey B. Loeb, Esq.
Boston, Massachusetts

Anthony M. Metaxas, Esq.
Beverly, Massachusetts

John O. Mirick, Esq.
Worcester, Massachusetts

Thomas W. Porter, Esq.
Boston, Massachusetts

William F. Quinn, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

Bruce von Rosenvinge, Esq.
Needham, Massachusetts

Jeffrey T. Scuteri, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

Jeffrey S. Stern, Esq.
Boston, Massachusetts

Timothy P. Wickstrom, Esq.
Worcester, Massachusetts



Thomas J. Alexander, Esq.
Beverly, Massachusetts

John W. Brister, Esq.
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Ralph N. Cecere, Esq.
Beverly, MA

Thomas Delaney, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

Robert H. Flynn, Esq.
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Dem Guschov
Middleton, Massachusetts

William J. Hamilton, Esq.
Lowell, Massachusetts

Brian R. Jerome, Esq.
Boston/Salem, Massachusetts

Timothy J. Langella, Esq.
Framingham / Boston, Massachusetts

Elliott J. Mahler, Esq.
Dedham, Massachusetts

Hon. Judge David A. Mills (ret.)
Danvers, Massachusetts

Alan S. Pierce, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

James E. Purcell, Esq.
Hyannis, Massachusetts

Sandor Rabkin, Esq.
Lynn, Massachusetts

Elizabeth (Beth) Roth, Esq.
Lowell/Salem, Massachusetts

Jon T. Skerry, Esq.
Salem, Massachusetts

Joseph F. Strumski, Jr.
Boston, Massachusetts

Michael A. Zeytoonian, Esq.
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts