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New Year’s (Dispute) Resolution

Not everyone likes to make resolutions for the new year. It can even be a matter of contention in some households: why should I bother; how can a symbolic date generate legitimate self-improvement? But while gym membership renewals and swearing off holiday cakes are commonly regarded as the right start to the new year, could there be more to this new beginning?

We all have the capacity to hold onto anger, but with the help of such firms as Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services, you can effectively let go of it. Alternative dispute resolution is a convenient and successful way to resolve your personal legal disputes. Divorce, employment and business matters, even negligence, are often surrounded by personal resentment and can be swept under the proverbial rug of life. Some cases, like personal injury and accidents should be dealt with immediately; however, family and business issues are often left to fester.

In order to truly start the year fresh, resolve to speak with a mediator. ADR can be, quite literally, one of your 2012 resolutions.