Unlocking Answers through Dispute Resolution

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Cases and Clients

Types of Cases MDRS Resolves:

While virtually any dispute can be submitted to Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services, our areas of concentration include:

  • General Liability, personal injury and product liability cases.
  • A full range of insurance claims, including automobile and UM coverage.
  • Business, contract, employment and commercial disputes.
  • Professional Malpractice cases.
  • Real Estate & Construction Disputes.
  • Divorce and Probate Disputes.

Who are your clients?

Since 1991 MDRS has provided mediation and arbitration services to over 20,000 attorneys, individuals, businesses and government agencies in Massachusetts and New England and upon request we can provide you with appropriate references.

MDRS has also provided services to virtually all of the insurance companies providing coverage for disputes arising in Massachusetts and New England.